Drbohlav Wedding

Wedding Day!! This was the day we've all been anticipating, and with Robert Coffey as my second shooter, it was a guarantee that we were going to capture a beautiful day. Held at Summerall Chapel, on The Citadel grounds, located in Charleston, SC, family members and close friends gathered to witness and celebrate the marriage of Joseph and Madyson's marriage. This was a pretty big wedding. And I was reluctant to document it because i was able to see a lot of old familiar faces that I haven't seen since i was younger. The ceremony was beautiful, and the bride and groom looked perfect. As for the reception goes, lets just say there was a lot of good food, great stories were told, and many goofy pictures were taken in the photo booth. Congratulations to the newly weds and I look forward to seeing you two doing great things together in life.

If you'd like to see the full gallery along with Rob's photos then please visit https://atbphotography.smugmug.com/Weddings/Wedding/Drbohlav-Wedding

And Please go and check out Rob Coffey's site http://robcoffey.com/


Madyson + Joseph Engagement

When Madyson asked if I would be the one to photograph her Engagement and wedding, there was no way I was going to decline. I've known Madyson for quite a few years, so I wast happy to finally meet the man of her life, Joseph. They both look great together and with there personalities, I know  that this is a relationship is going to last!

Prom 2016

I had the pleasure of taking prom portraits for my good homie Christian and his lady Sarah. I'm pretty sure they killed it at prom.

Zach G - Ford Focus

There are people that always wants to hate on the ford focus. Zach Gillard understands my struggle. His fo fo is on point though. 


Cliche vantage point. But how can I not shoot the city from this spot. This spot is sick for shooting Columbia.

My Love

Get ready for some soft mushy stuff...

This girl right here is my whole world. Just look at that face!! Just look at that smile!! I love her so much!! So much to give her her own blog post. She's drop dead gorgeous, funny, and caring, I couldn't ask for anyone better. I love you Ashley!

Hannah C

So this happened! Hannah is an aerialist who is so skilled and talented. This was probably by far the most interesting and fun shoot I've done so far. This was definitely a challenge seeing as how it was my first time doing this kind of work, but i would like to shoot more aerial fitness.

Charlotte Day Trip

Me and the lady went to Charlotte for the day yesterday. I didn't really snap a lot of pictures but here is a few that i was able to take. 

Parked next to this dope car in the IKEA parking lot, decided to take it for a spin.

Skate stoppers everywhere.

Urban City Radio

Everybody should go check out Urban City Radio tonight at 9 on the Freethinkers Radio app. Go Download the app available in Google play and in the Apple Store. Local Hip Hop artist AC The Future, JayWill, and IIce are coming to you guys with some hot topics that are going on in the world, along with the gospel and some hip hop. Look in to it and show your support.


Day off

Yesterday I took the day off from work, and the weather could not have been more perfect. I need more days like this in my life.

Adluh Flour

I haven't been able to go out and shoot as much as I've wanted to, but last night I was able to make that happen. If you live or have been to downtown Columbia in SC, then you probably have seen the infamous Adluh Flour building. Well a couple of days ago, while driving down Assembly Street, I looked over and saw this building and an idea for a photo came to mind. I'm actually pretty stoked on how this came out. Sometimes it's pretty hard for me to stair at a photo of mine for too long because then I tend to find a lot of things wrong with it and start to dislike it. Even now I see some things that annoy me but surprisingly I still like this shot a lot.


Christmas Day!!!

This is the perfect photo to end my "25 Days of Christmas" project. This awesome Christmas card was made by my girlfriends mother. She is a very talented woman, and is skilled in being crafty. Just look at this beautiful card. Wouldn't you hyped if someone handed you this card along with your gift? Let me answer that for you, YES!!!

25 Days of Christmas

Coming in hot!!! Christmas is tomorrow and I finally have enough time to upload all of these. Sorry for the delay. I swear I'm not lazy, I'm just busy..

Days 18-24 

Bluetile x Neighbors

Everybody should make time to stop by Bluetile Skateboards to check out the photo exhibit by  Dorian Warneck. The exhibit consists of photographs from his 4th issue "Neighbors," which is a street and portrait film photography zine. Dorian also collaborated with Bluetile Skateboards to make Bluetile x Neigbors skateboards. If you like what you see, the prints are  available at Dorian's Etsy page at www.etsy.com/shop/neighborszine. Also, give Bluetile Skateboards a visit at 621 Harden St located in Five Points Columbia, SC and buy some skate apparel for an awesome Christmas gift. 


25 Days of Christmas

These past couple of days I've been pretty busy. I have not been able to really post or shoot anything, but I'M BACK NOW!!! So here is days 11-14 of my little 25 Days of Christmas project. Enjoy!

Day 11 - 14

Caesars Head

My girlfriend's birthday is coming up so over the weekend, I took my lovely lady to Fred W. Symmes Chapel, also known as Pretty Place, in Greenville, SC. It was absolutely beautiful! It took a good minute to get up there, but it was well worth the travel. I took a few pictures of the chapel that i will post later on today. On the way back down, we just had to stop by Caesars Head and i was able to snap two panoramas of the view.  Last time i was here, i didn't really have the chance, so I'm glad i was able to do so.